Even if the form is different from
love 100 years ago,
the feeling of purely bringing up love
shouldn’t be any different


Want to support C-ute but don’t have money to buy singles?

General guidelines:
1. In the forms, when they ask for “artists”, type ℃-ute. Not °C-ute, C-ute or キュート.
2. For “song title”, you have to type the title in Japanese. Go here to look for the Japanese titles of C-ute songs.
3. Most websites can accept romaji nicknames for the “nickname” question.
4. Write something simple for “message”. Some examples:
可愛さいっぱい, 明るく爽やかなスプリング・ナンバー (Full of cuteness, a bright and warm spring number – This was the description for Campus Life in a store)
大人っぽいくて, アップテンポな曲です。すごく目立っていると思います (It’s a mature and up-tempo song. I think it really stands out)
When C-ute’s next (13th) single is out, I’ll post at least three different simple messages that you can send.

-This section is still not complete-

Request for PVs

1. M-ON. Website
Click on the lastest song out. It’s usually at the top.

Then click here

Then, it will take you to this page

Fill in this form

You can use either Japanese characters or Roman characters for your ID and nickname.

To answer the “What M-ON shows do you often watch” question, click here and pick three of the shows. The names are circled in red.

After you’re registered, you’ll get an e-mail like this, click the link.

You’ll then get another confirmation e-mail

Now you can log-in with your chosen ID 🙂 After you’ve voted for C-ute’s video, you’ll get this confirmation e-mail. It basically says that your request is valid for 3 weeks, meaning that you can vote for another video in 3 weeks.

After some hours, if your request has gotten through, you’ll get an e-mail like this.

2. Chiba-TV: MusicZZZ. Website

After you type in everything, a confirmation screen will appear, it will last for about two seconds. Then you’ll be taken to a page similar to this one:

3. TV Aichi: a-ha-N. Website

After you’re written all of that, this confirmation screen should appear. If something is not correct, press the back button on your browser.

If what had to be corrected is correct now, send your information. This screen, which says that your data has been sent, will appear.

Request: radio airplays

1. JOQR: Friday Super Countdown 50 (aka Supacan). Website

A bit of background info about this program: It’s the most important radio countdown in Japan. Out of all important radio countdowns, it’s one of the two that still exist. From 1991 to 1993 it was called Toyota Super Countdown 50, and since 1994 it’s called Friday Super Countdown.

To send your request you have to e-mail the show to this addres: On your email you can type something that is pretty similar to the usual form of a radio show. Something like this:

曲名: (song title)
アーティスト: (artist name / ℃-ute)
ラジオネーム: (your nickname)
コメント: (your comment)

Including your comment is important. Always try to include something related to Supacan. Something simple like スパカンをいつも楽しみしている (I always look forward to Supacan) is okay.


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  1. This is an excellent guide! Thank you for taking the time to put all of this together – I know it can be very time consuming.

    Comment by Piper_G — 2010/06/14 @ 10:04 am

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