What is this blog for?
It’s a C-ute-related blog, for translations of interviews/articles.
And there’s a nicely updated schedule with all of C-ute’s idol-related activities as well.

But who are you?
Nouciel. Born in 1990, Peruvian (English is not my first language). Female. I translate everything here.

For how long you’ve been studying Japanese?
I’ve started studying it since January 2008, but I’ve liked certain Japanese stuff since I was 9. I was into anime before, and not really interested now. So yeah, still learning.

Do you like languages in general?
Yes, very much.

For how long you’ve been a fan of H!P?
The first group I liked was Morning Musume, and my fandom started in 2001. I’ve liked C-ute as a group since mid 2006 and declared them as my fav. idol group ever since early 2007.

Any plans of leaving the fandom?
Not at all.

Have you been to an H!P concert/event?

What other music do you like?
From Japan: obviously Hello! Project. And Nujabes and capsule.
From Korea: many idol acts, namely So Nyuh Shi Dae (a fan since mid 2007), Big Bang (fan since late 2006), 2NE1 (fan since mid 2009), f(x) (fan even before they debuted…), Son Dambi, Lee Jung Hyun, and other female soloists.
I like classical music as well.

How can I contact you?
Please use this form if you want to exchange links or contact me.



  1. Welcome to Community 😆

    Comment by kyuutaroº — 2010/04/18 @ 10:57 pm

  2. Thanks for all the translations!!!

    Comment by Noa — 2010/06/05 @ 4:34 pm

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