110319 (Hello! Project) Weekly Playboy

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Everyone, do you want to know about the current Hello! Project?
The army of idols managed by producer Tsunku currently amounts to 26 people.
Their watchword is! Know the girls who’re going through a new time/new days.

MOrning Musume
BErryz Koubou
KI(kyuu)to (C-ute)
MAno Erina
SUmaireeji (S/mileage)

Morning Musume:

4 new members have recently joined
MoMusu was formed in 1997, and until now the group has had 29 members.
On January 2, the four members of the 9th generation were added, and the average age (of the group) is now 17.4.
Their 45th single, “Maji desu ka SKA!” is scheduled to be released on March 23.
This year (as well), Dream Morning Musume has been formed with 10 members from the OG (Original Generation).

Takahashi Ai (leader)
I will graduate from Morning Musume in September
Since I will have my musume graduation on the fall, I’m hoping that the 9th generation members will have a quick grow/development. I will perform in the musical “Dance of Vampire” on November. My target for this year is to not to give up!

Niigaki Risa
The exciment over improv theatre is a different feeling
Recently, after the performances were over, I participated in the improv theatre “Real Etude Minna no Ie Girl’s Stage”. Improv theatre dramas don’t have scripts! When it was over, I had a feeling of achievement. I’d like to do these again.

Michishige Sayumi
My appearances in variety programs have increased
Lately I’ve been getting called for lots of variety programs. For the new members to continue their progress, my presence has to stand out more!

Tanaka Reina
I had fun singing in the music program where I was a regular
I had fun singing through my appearances in the program where I was a regular, “Uta no Rakuen”! I really do think that. Since there were non-H!P artists that I regularly don’t meet, I was really motivated/encouraged.

Mitsui Aika
My first solo photobook was released!!
This year, my 1st solo photobook “Aika” could be released. It would be good if the second one could be released soon. Since I like eating, I’d like to try a challenge of a job where I’m like a gourmet reporter!

Fukumura Mizuki
Currently in lessons/preparations for the spring concert
The 9th generation members will appear in concerts starting the spring. I’ve been taking lessons, but there’s still too much stuff I want to do, and there’s not enough time! I’m in 3rd year of middle school, so I will do my best in studying.

Ikuta Erina
Now I’m both in school and Morning Musume
I’m doing my best in the dance lessons and voice training for the spring tour. Lately I’ve been doing things at a really fast speed. I like being an idol, and when I’m commuting, listening to songs from my senpai’s makes me energetic!

Sayashi Riho
Radio work will begin
Being on radio isn’t just introducing yourself, talking is difficult. Now, I have to do my best in singing and dancing, but some day I’d like to get the challenge of being in a drama!

Suzuki Kanon
I will get practice and review my dancing, which I’m bad at!
Since I’m bad at dancing, I’m doing my best at practicing and reviewing the dance lessons! I practice at home the choreographies that I’m not able to do, so the next time I will dance more skilfully than the previous time. I want everyone to know about me quickly!

Berryz Koubou:

Seven distinct girls are on their 7th anniversary

They were formed in 2004. The seven girls which received their seventh anniversary on March 3, will be releasing their seventh album “7 Berryz Times” on March 3. Shall we listen to their lastest single “Heroine ni narou ka!” (“Shall I become an heroine?”)

Shimizu Saki (leader)
I started my blog, and the comments made me happy
I started an ameblog (Ameba blog), called “SAKI STUDIO”. My first post got over 1,000 comments. Everyone, thank you! My bangs have also had an image change (change) recently. They’be always been short, and I got long extensions. Talking with Tsunku, he told me i looked adult-like. Do they suit me?

Tsugunaga Momoko
I’m happy that I breaked through my 100th radio show episode~!
My radio show, which is my solo work, got its 100th broadcast! The “Tsugunaga constitution” is announced every week, so I’d like a book to come out. I won’t lose to the national constitution, I want to be big! Some day, I want Berryz to decorate the cover of Weekly Playboy. Ah, but I would also be happy if it was just me (lol).

Tokunaga Chinami
I’d like to have a pie role/use pies in variety shows
I do a radio show with Berryz Koubou’s captain (Shimizu) and Sudou. Though we’re just three, we tell not-well-known stories about the seven of us. I do my best to collect data from everyday. I admire Becky-san. Also, I really like comedy, so I’d like to appear on a variety program. I’d like to have the role of a pie/use pies (lol)!

Sudou Maasa
I was embarrassed about my first protagonist role in a movie
The first movie where I have a protagonist role, “Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata” is currently on sale. When I saw my own acting in the preview, I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t sit. Comparing myself to other actors, I’ve still got things to do… I admire the protagonists of shoujo manga, so I’d like to appear in a original manga (as a character). I really do like shoujo manga!

Natsuyaki Miyabi
My first solo DVD is different from myself
This year, my first solo DVD “NATURAL & COOL” was released. There were two patterns, a natural image, and a cool one. it was a photoshoot by myself, so I felt uncomfortable, but I think a different me appeared there. I like clothes, so I’d like to to a collaboration with fashion.

Kumai Yurina
I’d like to try the challenge of being a model
Last year, my third photobook “Kuma Spo” was released, and I’d like it if the fourth was released this year. I’d like to try out on more kinds of clothes. I admire pretty girls who, curiously, don’t get decorated/much make-up on, like Nose Karina and Hasegawa Jun, so I’d like to try out being a fashion model. i also aim to become a cool woman (lol)!

Sugaya Risako
As a voice actress (seiyuu), I’m getting to meet lots of people
I’m doing the voice of Ibu Himuro in the anime “mecha mote inchou”. It’s the role of a cool girl, so before performing i put some “coolness”. That type (of girl) is different from my normal self. In the actual place, there are girls of my same age. So I get to meet lots of people (more than before). From now on, I want to show the different sides of Risako.


Formed in 2006, their average age is 16.6. They’re surprisingly young.
During their formation days in 2005, they were seven girls, but they’re five now.
They have the experience of winning things like Japan Records Best New Artist, and all their singles have entered the top 10 at Oricon charts.
On March 23, they will release their 6th album “Chou WONDERFUL! 6”

Yajima Maimi
The stage play where I had a main role, “Ran” got another version
I’m doing my best in the practices for the stage play “Ran -2011 New version!!-“, that will begin on May 22. It’s a new version of the stage play that I acted in on July last year. The chances I’ve got are fastening. This is my aim!! Also, on April 27, the DVD of the movie “Black Angels” will be released. I’m playing the role of the heroine Reira!

Nakajima Saki
I’m a presenter of P League
Starting this year, I’m special supporter in the TV program of “Bowling Revolution P LEAGUE”. Since they are a group of female pro bowlers, I get a different feeling from them (compared to normal girls). When they’re in a match, they really get passionate. The set of the program is really cute, so I really want you to watch it!

Suzuki Airi
An Airi revolution will happen this year!
I had the main role in the sale DVD “Keitai Kanojo”. i didn’t thought of doing actress work, so I was surprised. But I did my best, so please watch it. On January 19 this year, I announced on my blog “An Airi revolution will happen”. I think the third year of high school is a contest/match, so some revolution will happen!

Okai Chisato
I did dance covers
I got to do dance covers in YouTube. In two weeks, I achieved 100,000 views, and now I have 1’200,000 views! The easiest encouragement to remember was that i wanted people to watch my videos. I’m not very good at/dislike dancing, so I was worried at first, but I came to like (my?) dancing. From now on, I’d like to try out challenges of doing anything!

Hagiwara Mai
When I become a high schooler, I want to improve myself
This spring, I will graduate from middle school. Being a high schooler seems fun, so I think I want to graduate quickly. When I become a high schooler, I want to stand out a bit (more). I don’t like not being with someone, but currently I can’t go alone to the bathroom and take a bath… I really want to conquer that!

Mano Erina:

Now an adult, she will become 20 years old soon
In 2009, she had her major debut with “Otome no Inori”. The “super innocent” type of idol Mano-chan will become 20 years old on March 11. Starting March 16, the movie “A bed ~Hatachi no Koi~” will be shown on theaters. Her 9th single “Seishun no Serenade” is currently on sale!

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot photoshoots for movies
Lately, I’ve been doing a lot photoshoots for movies. It’s not just songs, I’m also doing my best in acting. Though I had my debut three years ago, I never forget my shoshin (original intention/mind/heart)*, and I think it’s been strong lately. Also, since I will become 20 years old, I want an adult charm to come out… (lol). I always want to be someone whose development continues!

* This can be thought of as a “beginner mentality”, but the kind of beginner that’s got motivation.


All members are warugaki (brats) with shortcuts
They were formed in 2009. They’re four beautiful-legged idols with short skirts.
Their average age is 15.5. Their currently on sale single “Shortcut” fits all the members, as they have short (hair) cuts. Their new single “Koi ni Booing Boo” is scheduled to be released on April 27. Every Thursday, their UStream show is broadcasted.

Wada Ayaka
My first solo photobook and DVD have been released
My first solo photobook “Wada Ayaka 16” was released on February 25, and on March 2, my dvd “Ayaka” was released as well. It was shot on various locations like the sea, a pool and snowy places. Also lately, I’ve begun studying English. I memorize one page of vocabulary per day, and little by little I’m doing my best to be really good at English. Not telling lies!

Maeda Yuuka
I look forward to radio recordings every time
I do a radio show with Fukuda Kanon-chan. The one in charge is Fukuda, who has lots of personality [literally: character-like, interpretation: a character-like image], but I want to show more of myself. Soon it will be a year of broadcast (of radio shows), it would be good if this didn’t change (lol). On radio, I become more talkative than usual, so I want everyone to listen to it!

Fukuda Kanon
I’m doing my best in/regarding mini skirts
I’m in charge of being the cinderella of S/mileage. Lately I’m into interiors (of houses). To arrange cute furnitures, I will upgrade my lady-ness. When some day S/mileage performs on Kouhaku Utagassen, I want to wear excellent mini skirts and shiny clothes. In order to put more feelings into songs, I will do research!

Ogawa Saki
I’m a Oha girl on “Oha Star”
Every week, I’m appearing as a “Oha girl” on “Oha Star”! I handle batons in the program, which I practice (before recording) in my house, and I’m more skilled there than in the program. Thanks to me doing my best to not get bruises in my arm, it’s now become my skill.

Shueisha – Weekly Playboy



  1. I enjoyed reading this.. THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL TRANSLATION!! 🙂

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  4. Thank you for posting and translating these magazine scans – great work! ^O^

    Comment by Nino-baby — 2011/03/21 @ 2:47 pm

  5. thanks so mu8ch for the translation 🙂
    Ai-chan said she would graduate in Autumn 2011…isn’t that at the end of the AUTUMN tour in December….not the end of the summer!?
    I’m so confused…

    Comment by Lea — 2011/03/21 @ 5:32 pm

    • I recall someone at H!O saying that Aichan has said before in her blog (or a radio show, I don’t remember) that she’d graduate in September. But I’ve also heard that she’d graduate in autumn. I don’t know either :/

      Comment by nouciel — 2011/03/25 @ 1:12 am

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  7. Thank you for this article,, ^^

    Comment by bjk_kds — 2011/03/21 @ 6:07 pm

  8. i like morning musume >.<
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    Comment by (musuko) jun-jun — 2011/03/21 @ 6:58 pm

  9. Wow, thank you so much for share all this works and translations with us!

    I really enjoy learning about H!P but I don’t know japanese, lol ~ thank you for you hard work!!!

    Comment by Ebirah — 2011/03/21 @ 9:07 pm

  10. Uh.. PLAYBOY?? What the heck?

    Also, there is a mistake – The article says °C-ute had SEVEN (7) members when it was founded (and now has five), but that is either a mistake or a deliberate, outrageous lie. °C-ute had EIGHT (8) members when it was founded. I guess they really try to re-write history when it becomes “shameful”.. reminds me of the book 1984. No wonder the Japanese don’t even know who the Hitler was..

    Megumi Murakami getting fired was “conveniently” forgotten, I reckon. The other two are of course Arihara Kanna and Umeda Erika.

    But.. “Weekly PLAYBOY”? Am I missing something or what is this Playboy-thing about? Are they a side-branch of the original Playboy magazine, licensing the name or just ignoring legal consequences for using a Registered Trademark in the name of their publication (with all the erotic implications that come with it, mind you!)?

    What is going on .. has the whole world become crazy?

    Comment by Kerhim1 — 2011/03/22 @ 7:21 am

    • Pretty sure whoever wrote the original (in Japanese) article made that mistake on purpose.

      And the Japanese Weekly Playboy is nothing like the Western one. The Japanese one just has regular gravure, idols and models stuff, no nudity.

      Comment by nouciel — 2011/03/25 @ 1:09 am

    • But C-ute DID have 7 members when it was founded right? Wasn’t Kanna an Egg who was added after they formed?

      Thanks a lot for translating this, I enjoyed reading it 😀

      Comment by CDevil — 2011/03/25 @ 10:29 pm

  11. Thanks for the post. The translation work is highly appreciated! 😀

    Comment by JustObserving — 2011/03/22 @ 7:35 am

  12. Thanks for translating!

    Comment by Misa — 2011/03/22 @ 9:32 am

  13. Nice work! ^^
    But I think that Eripon’s answer should be “dance lessons and voice training”.

    Comment by Tereko — 2011/03/23 @ 3:19 pm

    • No, she actually said boditore, which is short for body training 🙂

      Comment by nouciel — 2011/03/25 @ 1:10 am

      • She clearly said boitore, which is short for voice training. If you want to continue translating, I suggest you pay more attention because these translations are full of mistakes that twist the person’s sayings into something she definitely has not said. For example you have translated Riho’s part into “though I have only introduced myself on radio, being by myself and not talking is difficult”, when in reality she says that being on the radio is not just about introducing yourself: you have to also be able to talk on your own, which she finds difficult. So in a lot of cases your translation and the original are complete opposites, which will give your fellow fans the wrong impression!

        Comment by hairo — 2011/04/09 @ 7:44 am

      • Alright then, I corrected the mistakes. I know I usually make some mistakes there and there, but I don’t think I’ve made a lot of them.

        Comment by nouciel — 2011/04/09 @ 9:24 pm

      • That’s actually kinda mean, hairo. “If you want to continue translating […] because these translations are full of mistakes”. Huh? It’s common to make some mistakes, especially when you try to translate something this big. Nouciel is willing to correct her mistakes, but there are other ways that don’t sound so mean if you want to point them out. Meh.

        Comment by Arche-JoIyO — 2011/04/10 @ 11:07 am

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