100512 (Mano Erina) FM Fuji radio one-day special

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Today is “FM-Fuji Mano Erina One Day Special”

Mano Erina released her 7th single “Onegai Dakara…” on May 12.
While she’s artist, and is participating on a play, and releasing photobook as well, and becomes a radio personality everyday Sunday on 16:30 on the radio show “Mano-Deli”.
Today, she worked since “Super Today Fuji” until “Nevermind!!”. It was 3 different places, and 5 radio shows in total.

So FM-Fuji appointed the “Mano Erina 1 Day Special”

In this blog we’ll show how Mano spends her day.
Look forward to it!

Mano’s arrival to the building〜♪
The day has started! Mano has arrived to the FM-Fuji building ☆ At around 8:45am she’ll appear on “Super Today Fuji”. Please send support messages ♪

Appearing on Super Today Fuji!!
In the middle of the broadcast♪
Since the morning, she’s been full of energy!

Super Today Fuji ended!
A photo with DJ Watanabe-san (^0^) Give support to the “Onegai Dakara…” single lol♪

Signing φ(..)
In between radio shows, she signs posters ☆ Mano-chan, so busy…

One Day Special poster has been pasted 〜♪
A poster with Mano’s handwritten signature has been pasted in the station (≧▽≦)ゞ
Please be sure to come to the station!

In front of Koufu Shingen statue ♪
If I say Yamashi, you think of Takeda Shingen ☆ A peace sign at the back of Shingen statue!! (^O^)v

Mano reporter is talking lol
In the store at the at Shinseido Koufu, she’s talking~!

For the store☆
You can look at Mano-chan signing something at the store!
GO, store in front of the Shinsei temple ♪

Fans bought these ♪
Banzai! Fans bought these♪
Even though it’s a weekday, thanks for coming ☆

Let’s eat houtou (*^o^*)
As good as the best from Shingen, this is the speciality of Yamanashi, houtou! Since Mano loves it, it makes her really happyっ(o≧∇≦)o

Good Day appearance starts at 13:10pm!
After eating houtou, Mano is full ☆ Then at around 13:10 she appears at “Good Day”! The signed pictures from Super Today Fuji are folded as umbrellas ☆ There are presents for Good Day so we’re waiting for your messages (^o^)/

Appearing at Good Day, just now!
We got lots of messages for the afternoon! The mood is high ♪

Song on air!
“Haru no Arashi” was broadcasted! The cover is at the right ☆

Good Day ended!
A 2shot with DJ Yoshida ♪

While the radio show was being broadcasted, they practiced for taking a picture ☆ Tっ(≧▽≦)/ The necks are inclined 45 degrees! How do you like that?
“Yoshida-san gives the feeling of an older sister♪”, two friendly persons ☆

Good Day present ☆
This is the “Good Day” present ♪ Three signed posters! Her smile is bright on it.

During recording
Mano-chan before the show! ☆ Mano-chan perfectly put the red and pink decorations outside ☆

Serious expression.

Tweeting from cellphone ☆
She ate some sweets as a meal. But even buring the break, she was updating!
Next in the One Day Special is “Pump Up Radio”, around 16:17pm!

Sacchan Pump appearance ♪
Mano’s third appearance!
Please be sure to watch Mano’s stage play performance ☆

Which show do you want to go to?

Bye Bye Yamanashi 〜(*^o^*)/~
Now, I will take the train to go to Tokyo Nishiazabu! She’s recharging my energy with that big ice cream!!

Traveling in the train to Tokyo
Rushing into the second half of the day!

Let’s do our best during this day o(^ ^)o

“Pump Up Radio” present!!
Three signed polaroids from Sacchan Pump ♪ Just a bit until the radio show ends!

We’re still waiting for more of your messages ☆

Arrival to the Nishiazabu studio ♪
She’s quickly arrived to Tokyo! And still energetic (≧▽≦)/ Next is “Feel So Muse” at 20:00 hours.

She performs in 5 more minutes ♪ Yell for Mano-chan (^0^)

Appearance at “Feel So Muse”
Appearance at “Feel So Muse”, recorded in Tokyo, part of the One Day Special ♪ Even if it’s the second half of the day, you gotta know that my energy hasn’t become weaker o(≧∇≦o)

“Feel So Muse” end and present!
The appearance at “Feel So Muse” has ended ♪ The drinking cup in Mano-chan’s hand is the present ☆ Congrats to the elected person (Buta no Paa-san) (^o^)/

Dinner time
The next and last is “Never mind!!”… before that, she’s having a meal, eating hashed meat with rice (*^o^*)

Arrival to the ViViD studio!
For the last part of One Day Special, and before the stage play, she came to the ViViD studio!
As it’s the last radio show, lots of fans have come and are in front of the studio ♪
For the fans, she turned this live DVD 45 degrees around (≧ε≦)

Thank you!
She appears next on “Never mind!!” at 20:00!

Finally the last appearance!!
Yeah, Mano’s last appearance for today!
Until the very end, she had an energetic aura ☆

The monomane of the station attendants was perfect (≧▽≦)/

“Never mind!!” present!
“Never mind!!” present! Signed! tissues. Writing the radio nickname was a struggle (lol)

Like this
She nicely wrote her signature lol

Writing even in the box ♪
This tissue won’t be used (lol)
So Mano-chan is signing the tissue box lol

A precious item!

“Never mind!!” end ♪
Turning 45 degrees around!
At the back, you can see the fans who came to support her ☆
Thank you for coming (^○^)

Today’s work has ended! Thank you!
The broadcasting of “Never mind!!” has ended, and the One Day Special has safely ended! It was a day where I appeared in five radio shows in Tokyo and Yamanashi, looking back at it. Mano Erina-chan really worked during this day. Looking at Mano-chan’s fans, they really showed how important they are, you could feel their charm from just looking at them ♪ The imitation of the radio attendants and Tara-chan was the best lol. From now on, support Mano Erina-chan! Listening to today’s radio shows, sending messages, being in front of the studio, listeners and fans ☆ thank you! How did you like today’s One Day Special? While she was on air today, I became a fan of Mano Erina-chan, I became to like her more, and support! I received happiness, I think. Lastly, everyone who’s reading this blog, thank so you much! From now on, please support FM-Fuji.



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