100321 (Mano Erina) Mano Spy interview

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To shine, you must do a big effort

Tarento Mano Erina (a spy in reality – in the series), in charge of protecting world’s peace, with a different mission each time… The episodes have a touch of comedy, each one is 5 minutes long, and are broadcasted via internet. The series started in February, and on the 28th episodes 5 to 8 will be broadcasted by BS-TBS.

Her character itself is a bit clumsy, and she commented “It’s a comedy, so, with that in mind, my acting is performed in order to be funny. So, I did some “deformed” (ie. anime-like) facial expressions and had ad lib quarrels. It was a dorama with lots of harvest”.

She’s the first soloist to debut in Hello! Project after seven years, continuing the path of people like Matsuura Aya and Fujimoto Miki. “She’s so cute and looks cool when performing on stage”, says Mano about Matsuura (whom she admires). After passing the audition, she entered the show business, and was bathed in sweat while performing a song like her idol senpais. “One must do a big effort to shine on stage”. Even now, that thought is in her heart.

Proud of her being popular amongst internet doramas, a 15-years old girl from the distant France sent a mail to Mano’s radio show. “She wasn’t that good at hiragana or grammar, but she still did her best, and that touched me…”. Mano thought that about the fan, who lives across the ocean.

We asked 10 questions to Mano.

Q1: If you were to really become a spy, what would you want to investigate?
A1: I’d want to investigate a theme park. I wonder what kind of proof I could find there.

Q2: What would you be doing if you weren’t an idol?
A2: I would want to be a trimmer. A dog trimmer.

Q3: What is good about being in the show business?
A3: Before, I was shy in front of strangers, I didn’t talk much. It made me become more talkative.

Q4: What are you into lately?
A4: Bathing powder. I like relax goods. Eye mask and other things like that heal me. Massage instruments as well.

Q5: Recently, have you made any big mistake?
Q5: About a month ago, I took the wrong subway. Of course, it didn’t arrive to where I wanted… I was in a hurry.

Q6: Who do you respect?
A6: Inou Tadataka, who created maps. I have always loved maps, I too, want to be someone who does different things in this world.

Q7: If all of sudden (it’s decided that) you don’t work tomorrow, what would you do?
A7: Ah~ What could I do. Since my friends are at school, I’d want to go out with my mom. I haven’t been able to do that lately.

Q8: You’re graduating from high school soon. What do you think about what you leave behind.
A8: I wanted to try being in a part-time job. I’ve heard my friends are working in fast food stores as well as super markets, so I wanted to do that too.

Q9: What is the most scariest thing in the world?
A9: I’m afraid of lots of things, but I’m really afraid of places in total darkness. I’m afraid of aquariums too, and the studio at night.

Q10: What’s your favourite season?
Spring. There’s the graduation ceremony, we change classes… We say goodbye too, but it’s also the time of meeting new people. My birthday is on spring as well.

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