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I’ve decided to slightly change the subject of this blog. The focus will still be C-ute and rather long translations, but I’ll also post all the other H!P translations I’ve done. I try to save them all, but there are some that I haven’t saved in my files and just posted in H!O, so I’m currently looking for these… @_@

The pace of posting will still be the same. Because I translate long stuff, I don’t update often. Don’t ever expect this blog to become a news blog.


100512 (Mano Erina) FM Fuji radio one-day special

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Today is “FM-Fuji Mano Erina One Day Special”

Mano Erina released her 7th single “Onegai Dakara…” on May 12.
While she’s artist, and is participating on a play, and releasing photobook as well, and becomes a radio personality everyday Sunday on 16:30 on the radio show “Mano-Deli”.
Today, she worked since “Super Today Fuji” until “Nevermind!!”. It was 3 different places, and 5 radio shows in total.

So FM-Fuji appointed the “Mano Erina 1 Day Special”

In this blog we’ll show how Mano spends her day.
Look forward to it!

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100321 (Mano Erina) Mano Spy interview

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(Mano Erina) Twitter

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All of Mano’s tweets since her Twitter opened, until very recently~ I’ll translate the most recent ones soon.

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100821 Shibuya ranking – female idols

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