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2010-10-16 15:11
℃-ute-san’s musical “Akuma no Tsubuyaki”

Everyone in the musical was pro at dancing and singing.They moved around a lot, I myself want to dance in that way.From the adults to the small childs, everyone was powerfully energetic. I felt everyone’s power.



2010-10-16 22:15:39
With ℃-ute all of sudden

With Nakky and Konatsu.

Even though everyone of ℃-ute was hot, they agreed to take a photo.

Waai waai (≧∇≦) Thank you!!

℃-ute is a 5-member unit, and everyone is powerful, so their power (together) is 100 x 5, which I can always feel.

Please run swiftly with all of your energy, and take care of your physical condition until the end!!



2010-10-17 22:39:05
Airi-chan and Nakky, ℃-ute-san

Suzuki-san told me yesterday “Why I haven’t been in contact with Nocchi much?” lol. Maybe since Maimi-chan, Chissaa and Nakky are in Gatas with me. lol From now on, please let’s become closer! Send me an e-mail please!

So, this message to Suzuki is 10% done… it’s sad around this time of the day isn’t it…

I’ll post another photo that was taken yesterday in the musical!! I’m doing a big service once again!!


See Nakky’s t-shirt!

From tama@Hello-Online:

Yes, it was made by C-ute Thailand FC (created by Sephi & designed by Shikarashi )
Sephi, one of C-ute Thai FC who attended C-ute solo event at Tower records 2010.05.01
gave them their own colored t-shirt.
(Maimi = Red/ Nakky = Blue/ Airi = Pink/ Chisato = Green/ Mai = Yellow)

He didn’t know if they will wear it or not, but now he knows XD
Come to Thailand C-ute, we all are now waiting for you!


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