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Oota Yoshinari is a stage play producer and director. He directed ℃-ute’s current musical “Akuma no Tsubuyaki” and wrote the script for ℃-ute’s stage play “Keitai Shousetsuka”, Melon Kinenbi’s “Kaba” and Morning Musume’s “Ojigi 30 degrees on stage”

This is his post about Akuma no Tsubuyaki:

It’s been a long time.
Mindblowing/really good posts don’t come out when one is drunk, but I will still write.

Today I went to idol group ℃-ute’s musical.
Do you know the idol group ℃-ute?
At first glance, you’ll think that these girls are, though very cute, just common girls, common girls that are everywhere.
But, these five girls, which I strongly recommend, have hidden potential capabilities.

For example, this girl Okai Chisato.
I give credit to her sense/style.
I also give credit to the fact that she crosses the limits of an idol (= sometimes she doesn’t act like an ortodox idol).
When the ad-lib scene came up, she was strong.
Because she was very excited, no mistake was done.
One time on every show, before it starts, she said something on the report.
But the stuff about that cannot be talked about.

And there’s also this girl Hagiwara Mai.
She’s the youngest, and has lots of that younger sister character, but I noticed a reverse character from her.
She is, amongst the members, the most level-headed, massive/strong, and with a nice voice suited for stage plays.
I think it’s a secret wether smart males can see the appeal/charm of this girl.
Today, she took the role of a leader.
Of course, her dere (shy and flirty on purpose) charms appeared, but it’s good that these appear sometimes.
I say this as if there’s a rule for tsunderes.

And there’s the leader Yajima Maimi.
She’s a nice girl who’s honest, kind, has presence and which I have nothing to criticize about.
Because of this, on this play, she changed a bit, I think it’s good that she had a strong character.
I noticed that she showed her charms.
She’s a normal girl, and has a very strong tennen (airhead) character.
Ah, I want that charming girl to appear more on that stage play.
For that, the strong character needs to be destroyed.
She called her manager by phone and said “Can I speak with accent?”

There’s Nakajima Saki too.
She had ambition and great effort for the stage play, and her posture was really, very serious. I don’t have anything to criticize about her style either.
She’s meet lots of people and had lots of experiences.
I think that alone can make a person grow.
The core/meaning and the duties (how the role was carried through) of her role, I think that there were people who noticed those things.
I hope that this girl gets important parts during plays/musicals/theatrical works.

There’s also Suzuki Airi.
She’s the protagonist for this musical.
I think she’s the genious type. The right brain (contrary to left brain) type.
For this play, her teeth weren’t frozen (= she wasn’t nervous at all)
No matter how carefree is this girl, her spirit is level-headed.
I think that is really important.
She still has a lot to develop, I think there’s lots of people like her in that sense.
I want her to plunge forward the principles of a magnificient idol.

So ℃-ute suits the “I’m cute, surely cute, like I thought, cute” lyrics.
I want them to smile and sing with confidence in themselves.
That’s how I want to see these girls.

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  1. Cool. Gosh, I wish I could see this show. I hope there’s a DVD! Nice comments from the director, especially for my girls, Mai and Chisa!!

    Comment by Mozenator — 2010/10/26 @ 12:58 am

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