100825 (Nakajima Saki, Suzuki Airi, Okai Chisato) motteco interview

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Online interview

Q: The title of your lastest single is “Dance de Bakoon!”. It’s a title with a great impact, isn’t it?

Suzuki: The title is really something.
Nakajima: With bakoon~, I had this feeling of “eh! what?!”, but then we heard Tsunku-san’s explanation…
Suzuki: It was that bakoon = bakuon (explosion). So the reverse/alternate title would be Dance de Bakuon.
Nakajima: It’s great, it’s a title with strength.

Q: Do you use ‘bakoon’ on your daily vocabulary?

Suzuki: I don’t use it. Instead I wonder, on what kind of conversation I would use it?

Q: So the presentation/style is that bakoon = bakuon. It feels like it’s really done in Tsunku style. And the song itself is in the bakuon (explosion, impact) category.

Suzuki: Yeah. It’s a song with the effect of the sound of the guitar, and the dance is intense. So the dance can really make you sweaty.
Okai: In ℃-ute’s songs, there’s a bit of all styles/appearances, but Dance de Bakoon is something we haven’t had before. I remember that there are songs that you can compare it to, but the style is really intense, so we use how much of our body strength? That’s what I felt.
Suzuki: Around the time of “Massara Blue Jeans”, I thought that we would get exhausted in a similar way.
Nakajima: Yeah~, isn’t now a bit more though?
Suzuki: Back then it was more -tiring- (lol)
Okai: During the actual shooting of the music clip, the first time everyone sang and danced, and the second time everyone’s dancing was tired and had shortness of breath.
Nakajima: The rythym is surprisingly fast, since I move my body at each of the counts. Not only that, I move my neck when the ja-ja-jaan part comes (lol).
Suzuki: In that scene, it’s a dance where it feels like everyone is holding an air guitar.
Nakajima: Not just that, our body bends, and the body heat decreases (lol).

Q: “Dance de Bakoon!” is a song where the rock style/flavour really appears.

Nakajima: Once again, it’s a new feeling.
Suzuki: It’s a new challenge.
Okai: I have a voice quality that is easy to sing/with my voice quality, I can easily sing. But, because my voice colour and character aren’t the cute kind, singing in a cute way is really important (lol)
Suzuki: On this song, there isn’t just bass alone, and since the song required us to sing like we were roaring, I wrinkled up my eyebrows. And when we sing on the lives, I wrinkled up my face a lot while singing.
Berryz Koubou has many songs that are of a fun mood, and until now, ℃-ute hasn’t had facial expressions similar to those [that suit a fun mood]. There are things I want to do as a ℃-ute member, and this song has increased my experiences, which made me really happy.
Okai: ℃-ute carries difficult styles and intense dances, but I think that it wasn’t easy for anyone to have the proper behaviour/mood for this song.
Suzuki: The part that goes ja-ja-jaan~, please be sure to imitate it! But on the contrary, I wish that people are careful to not to get out of breath (when trying to copy that part). When we bend our backs, we shake our heads and sing, while standing straight, and on that moment we become kind of dizzy (lol)
Okai: The ℃-ute concert that will begin soon is titled ~Dance Special “Chou Uranaito!”~, we will have lots of intense dances. Even if it’s normal, in the final stage for ℃-ute’s concerts, the intense dances keep on coming up, so I have worries like “The songs with intense dances are increasing, is it alright?”.
Nakajima: This stage is a “dance special”, but I want to do my best in a lot more than dancing. That is a promise.
Suzuki: If you’ve watched the music clip for Dance de Bakoon, everyone, our current music will start changing soon. Since the song feels a bit like an opening number, I wonder what is the song that surprised me the most?

Q: If “Dance de Bakoon!” becomes an opening number in concerts, distributing your physical strength will become important, right?

Suzuki: On the contrary, since we’ll be hot (due to the energy) from the beginning, I think we’ll be excited all the way until the end.

Q: Didn’t you jump at the lyrics of “Dance de Bakoon!”?

Okai: We were surprised in the beginning.
Nakajima: But the protagonist girl from the lyrics, she has a great way of thinking, when dancing, she totally forgets about the things she hates, she’s really the cool kind of girl. When I dance, I don’t really forget everything, so I thought that the girl from the lyrics is admirable.

Q: The phrase “funky older sister” appears in the lyrics. In ℃-ute, are there no funky older sisters?

Okai: There aren’t (lol). But I had empathy for this song, and I had the feeling of breaking through that.
Suzuki: In the part that goes “my tears don’t stop”, the girl from the lyrics wants to forget her sad feelings, so she keeps on dancing. Both the song and the lyrics have a “let’s face this forward” feeling. At the time of recording the music clip, I didn’t sang with much seriousness either.
Nakajima: This girl from the lyrics is really super positive, isn’t her.

Q: Do the three of you usually have positive characters?

Suzuki: I’m really positive. I’m often told “please worry (at least) a bit” (lol). Of course, when it’s time to worry, I worry, and I don’t think about forgetting (about my worries), but I still forget about them (lol)
Okai: For me, when I feel down, it’s a long time till I recover myself.
Nakajima: I see, so it’s a long time. But when you talk about lots of things, doesn’t that make your feelings go out?
Okai: Since the moment I start worrying until the moments that aren’t related to the worries at all, I do talk a lot. I keep on talking, so my motivation (= a worry) kind of disappears. If I do that, my mood goes up (lol).
Nakajima: For me, my highs and lows are intense. But also, if for example I watch something funny on TV, I instantly forget about my worries (lol). But once I finish watching TV, I remember about why I’m down again. However, if something funny happens again, I inmerse myself, and once again my change of feelings is pretty intense.

Q: Like in “Dance de Bakoon!”, what don’t you think that makes your feelings go out when you’re doing exercise?

Nakajima: In doramas, I often see that the kids who have lots of stress go to the game center, and they go to the floor, don’t they. I can feel understand that feeling! Me too, when I don’t dance, I’m at another shape, so I express my feelings (lol) Exercising your body with sports and expressing your feelings like that is something I understand.
Okai: Thanks to my great passion for the World Cup, I could express my real sad feelings.
Nakajima: With sports, even if you don’t do them, only watching can make you become passionate about them.

Q: About the recording of the coupling track, “Kore Ijou Kirawaretakunai no” (I don’t want to be anymore hated), the feelings of the girl in the lyrics are pretty sad, aren’t they.

Okai: This girl, she’s really in love, and she pretends to be strong and say “it’s okay to break up”, but I think she’s already broken up. Moreover, with the regret of having broke up, I think she went through the mood of “I don’t want to be hated by the person I liked”. Those feelings are sad.
Nakajima: This girl, I would reject her. But if I do that, I’d feel regretful. And I would make up a excuse for her. Since my highs and lows are intense, I understand these feelings (from the lyrics), and in the future I may have an experience like that (lol)
Okai: Even amongst friends, I want to tell them things like “eh, why did you say something like that?”, “why weren’t you honest about that?” when we’re talking. Often, when I watch doramas, I think things like “if they aren’t honest, things will go this way again” (lol). Although I want to interfere and say those things to them (characters in the dorama), in reality, I can’t do that. But I still feel sympathy towards them.

Q: Now that “Dance de Bakoon!” is a completed work, what kind of work did it become?

Okai: This time for both songs, you might feel like you’re looking at a new ℃-ute. Everyone, I’m singing with a voice that hasn’t appeared until now. Particularly in “Kore Ijou Kirawaretakunai no”, when we sing in duos, we sing in different groups, which make an impression, and you get to savour the charms of various voices. Of course in dance too, I think everyone will give the audience a surprise.
Suzuki: Because the dancing is easy to do, I’d like if everyone could copy it. Particularly in “Dance de Bakoon!”, the part that goes ja-ja-jaan, if you listen to it once, you will be moving your head along to it, I think. I want to sing together with everyone.
Nakajima: Ah, I want to sing together with everyone (as well).
Suzuki: When we sing the ja-ja-jaan part, while we move our necks, we face towards the floor, so we can’t see each other. So I think that I’d like to learn about everyone’s reaction to that.
Okai: If someone is singing, it surely means that everyone will sing together. In our previous song “Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~”, the fans started to put the L.O.V.E. chants, and before we realized, it already became an established part in the song. Now, everyone yells that. If the same thing happened in “Dance de Bakoon!”, I would be happy.
Nakajima: Though “Dance de Bakoon!” is a cool kind of song, in the CD jacket/cover everyone is wearing a white dress and my bangs are pulled up. We project a neat image there. But on the music clip, our hair is ruffled, and the our sleeveless outfits are violet and appropiate for dancing. I want people to enjoy that difference. If they enjoy that, I’d want them to come to our concert tour.

Q: Starting with your performances at Harmony Hall on August 28 and 29, the long-awaited Summer-Fall ~Dance Special “Chou Uranaito!”~ tour starts.

Suzuki: This time, from the very beginning we’re gonna have an stage that is appropiate for dancing. From the concerts until now, lots of ideas have been thought of to plan the contents.
Nakajima: We’ll have an stage where we can show intense dances.

Q: Also, on October, the musical “Akuma no Tsubuyaki” (Devil’s tweets) begins.

Nakajima: This is the first time that everyone from ℃-ute appears together on a musical. For me as well, this is the first time that I perform on a musical.
Suzuki: I appeared with Chisato-chan and Mai-chan on a musical before, when we were still on primary school.
Okai: It’s been quite a while since that happened.
Nakajima: On “Akuma no Tsubuyaki”, everyone transforms in a real devil.
Okai: The ℃-ute members will perform as devils, so please come to have fun.


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