100812 (℃-ute) CD & DL Data

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With no deep meaning, the excitement is important!

In the photo, the 5 elegant girls wearing white dresses have a new song out, called “Dance de Bakoon!”. You’ll most likely be wrong about the (initial) impressions you get from the song. It’s an aggressive!? number. Eh? It’s “a pants contest everyday”

It’s a “bang” song for sure.

“It surely gives the feeling of a ‘bang’, doesn’t it (lol). And also, we gave a ‘bang’ feeling when we sang! The lyrics go like ‘forget everything’, they are lyrics about just forgetting and enjoying oneself. The way of singing is always the special point, though it’s difficult. There are cool expressions and parts where you roll the r’s. At first, no one was good at singing the lyrics. We had to fairly struggle, but I think it was a great challenge” (Yajima)

Starting with the heavy guitar riffs, a window is opened (t/n: it’s a metaphor that is supposed to explain how the song starts). This song really leaves an impression of rock. The big impact of the melody A (first verse) can make you sing while banging your head out. The song has a really great mood. The lyrics also have a feeling of a “bang”.

“That is! Like always, these lyrics don’t have a deep meaning. The excitement (that you feel with the song) is the important part. This time, I sing a solo lines that go like ‘my stomach has got smaller’ and ‘I got a bit fat again’. I thought ‘are these indirect expressions (from Tsunku-san) for me when I get fat?’ (lol)” (Hagiwara)

Although you were a bit unprepared for both the song and the dance, you went to do it anyways. The 5 girls faced the song with a feeling of nervouness. The charm of the song is that the 5 girls showcase all of their will power/guts.

“It’s a curious/strange way of singing, and the air guitar has a bit of a joking around feeling, it’s really something new for us. So I think that people will get new impressions from listening to this. Even I, for the five of us to sing this, it gives us a new image. I had some worries, like ‘can I really sing this?’. But now the song has truly become one of my favourites. I’ve been listening to it on a heavy rotation everyday (= lots of times in a day)” (Okai)

Even though you’re five girls, I really like your appearance. How is the coupling track “I don’t want to be hated anymore”?

“Unlike the title song, this one has a quite deep meaning. That’s why I like it. The contents are about not wanting to be hated anymore and becoming stronger. The girl in the song has really sad feelings. I think that the melody line and the lyrics are kind of SharanQ-ish. Since I really like SharanQ, the melody has a bit of a nostalgic feeling, and it’s one of my favourite songs” (Nakajima)

“When we were recording the song, my friends said to me ‘if it’s people that I like, I wouldn’t want to be hated by them’. So these lyrics have a background that comes from reality. I’ve sang them as if I was feeling what my friends told me. But, from the point of view of a boy (who has a couple), I thought ‘I wouldn’t want to suddendly become cold/act cold with my girlfriend’. I got a bit sad thinking about that, and even got a numb feeling” (Suzuki)

Profile: ℃-ute. Okai Chisato, 1994/6/21, born in Saitama. Nakajima Saki, 1994/2/5, born in Saitama. Yajima Maimi, 1992/2/7, born in Saitama. Suzuki Airi, 1994/4/12, born in Chiba. Hagiwara Mai, 1996/2/7, born in Saitama. The DVD from A Type has the music video clip. The DVD from B Type has a mix version of 2 shots and 3 shots. On 8/28, they start a nation-wide concert tour.

1. Dance de Bakoon!
2. Kore ijou kirawaretakunai yo
3. Dance de Bakoon! (Instrumental)
Lyrics: Tsunku (1 and 2)
Composition: Tsunku (1, 2, 3)
Arrangement: Suzuki Shunsuke (1, 3), Hirata Shouichirou (2)


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