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– 3D movie with Niigaki Risa and Nakajima Saki
– H!P summer concert backstage (Hagiwara Mai)
Also! on the afore mentioned concert, ℃-ute performed their upcoming single “Dance de Bakoon” ^^ listen to the LQ rip

3D movie – Shiho blog:


It’s me Shiho.
After Risa-chan, here is Saki-chan’s photo~

Both of them are cute! And funny too!
By the way, Risa-chan is in Morning Musume
And Saki-chan is in ℃-ute ( ・o・ )
Now, idols are succesful! (o・v・o)
It was fun, being in the filming ( ・o・ )
All the staff, all the co-actors, good work! And thank you!
There’s a photo of us eating obento, and also a photo of us drinking juice (*´∇`*)



H!P summer concert “Fankora” backstage – Reina blog

● End of the first day ●

^A^b Good work
A real live
(the best!)
Look look ❤
This talk***
The 【 Tanaka Army 】!! hehe
It’s a simple view, heeere~

❤ Reina
❤ Aika
❤ Mai
❤ Saki-chan
❤ Kanon-chan
These members, during H!P concerts, gather naturally to talk

Today during the show, Saki-chan had a strange face (lol) So cute.
The atmosphere was of excitement for the first day.
Every setlist is different.
I’m looking forward to see what is the audience’s reaction on every setlist. ❤
I heard the voices of the audience going 【 Wow~~ 】 when the songs began.
I got goosebumps. It was really fun!
Thank you for coming today. ❤


Dinner ♪♪♪
Although the posting time is strange, today’s dinner looks like this, here it is ❤

My favourite chicken nugget ^w^
At home, I think there’s only one chicken.


Mai came here at the dressing room.
And we ate together.
Reina wants to do something she likes for tomorrow’s meal too (・ω・)



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