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A natural feeling of youthness!

℃-ute, who’s currently on a tour, has announced a new single.
The message put on this song has decidely a feeling of *gratitude*
With a light/casual sound, the message is (well) delivered.

℃-ute is currently touring. What these young ladies bring us this time is a cute love song that perfectly suits spring.

“When I first heard it, I thought it was really cute! Looking at the lyrics, I imagine a girl that is in love. That makes me smile in a natural way, and think that school is good. This time, the PV was shoot at a school” (Okai)

“It has these lyrics ‘while listening to the music through both earphones, we bumped heads a little’, I really like them! They have a natural feeling of youthness” (Hagiwara)

A life-sized love was theme, and you’ll be able to see that it was easy for us to add up our feelings (in the song).

“I’ve sang a lot of songs about a stretched love, but when I sang those, I don’t remember having imagined real scenes. so I was worried about what kind of facial expression should I have while singing. But with Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~, being in the same point of view, I got a natural smile. When singing, I experiment the feelings of the protagonist girl in the lyrics. I want people to feel the/that honesty from the five of us” (Suzuki)

This song is mainly about a girl feeling really happy because of a date. As it can be seen, these girls are at that age too. Fully expressing a feeling/mood of happiness can feel a bit embarrassing, and when they were recording the song, 3 principles were suggested: brightness/cheerfulness, girly-like and cutesy.

“During the process, for the phrase ‘suki suki suki’ (I love you), it felt like there could be many ‘suki’ facial expressions suited to that phrase. It was a bit embarrasing (lol). But thanks to that, I was able to study a lot of facial expressions” (Yajima)

The b-side Tachiagare Otometachi has a title suited to an uplifting song, and the first impression is that it’s a strong song.

“I think that both the singing and the phrases (lyrics) make it a deep song, It’s not particularly a fast song, but there are no pauses/interruptions there, it’s always continuing, so singing it was very difficult. During lives, I have a strong sense of wanting to by my best, I want to sing in a cool way to be like the girl of the lyrics!” (Nakajima)

“The members line-up has changed, but there hasn’t been a downgrade in power. The liveliness/noisiness of us hasn’t changed (lol). But, for example when looking at photos, I see/think that the widthness has decreased (ie. there’s less people now, so ℃-ute photos look… less populated). We’ve become 5, but everyone is energetic, so please be relieved about this. From now on, please treat us well!” (Yajima)

PROFILE: ℃-ute (photo on the left) is Hagiwara Mai, Nakajima Saki, Suzuki Airi, Yajima Maimi, Okai Chisato. They were formed on 2005, and on February 2007 they released their first single “Sakura Chirari”. On February this year, they released their album “Shocking 5”. Currently they’re on a nation-scale tour. Type/Edition A’s DVD has a music video. Type B has a dance shot version. First press of A and B editions have a serial card that allows you to apply for an event.

‘10.4.28 on sale – Single
Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~
1680 yen (CD+DVD Type A) zetima
(Tracklist) 1. Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~, 2. Tachiagare Otometachi, 3. Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ (Instrumental)
(Lyrics, composition) (1, 2),Tsunku
(Arrangement) (1, 3) Itagaki Yusuke, (2) Yuasa Kouichi


Cellphone games vol.5

K-1 Grand Prix

This month’s gamers: Suzuki Airi and Okai Chisato

Every artist will experience these lighthearted and simple cellphone games!
We introduce ℃-ute this month!

This month’s game is from MBGA (Mobile Games) Town

Konkatsu Bowl (Dating Bowl)
The married and irresistible 29 years old Miki-san! If you’re looking for her, you can attend a marriage interview. There are lots of handsome men. Make your triumph at bowling happen.

The registration is easy! You can play almost instantly! This corner is about the game showdowns from MBGA Town’s free games. This month, we introduce Suzuki Airi and Okai Chisato from the 5-member idol group ℃-ute.

When playing games, timing is often needed when pressing buttons in a cellphone. While attending a marriage interview, you can chose a pin and defeat handsome men. To capture the game in a word, it’s using guts while bowling! Bowling while searching for marriage!

The first to play was Suzuki Airi-chan. Even before the real game, she practiced playing. She didn’t think of this a first-time challenge, and she striked some high scores, but how was the real game for her? She thought the start was tight, but she suddendly missed something (lol). “But I was good during practice~”, she quickly complained. She did mistakes at first, but later she did one strike after another. “Kya~”, “yay” and “I won, I won” were things she said while being in a good humour! In the end, she had a higher score than in practice, she finished with 604,300 points.

Next is Chisato-chan. She, in contrast to Airi-chan, started with lots of strikes! “Ain’t I good?”, Chisato-chan said a self-praise. After that, she also had continous strikes, so there was expectation if she could reach a high score. Besides her there was Airi-chan, who was looking carefully at Chisato-chan’s score, saying “ehh! ehh!”, creating a strange kind of high tension (in the atmosphere). Chisato was good in the beginning, but later, she had continuous misses, and when the game ended, her score was 453,850 points. This time, Airi-chan was the winner!


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