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Continuing from yesterday.
We’ve been engaged to this since 2 months ago.
This is…

℃-ute Concert Tour 2010 Spring Shocking LIVE

We did the guidance for the short flags!

On this live, you can see the performance of the short flags. PINK DIAMONDS are using the short flag baton once more, and they’re smaller in inchs. The practice started two months!

This is the first time we worked with them, and we were amazed at the big dedication of the girls.

For the interval of a week we had two songs and dance practice. Moreover, three hours was a short time.

Although the flags were made with simple material, we anticipated the performance!

We did this art so we’ll announce…

that we did it!!

We changed the dance, and more excitement built in.

TOMMY traveled to every place of this tour, except for Sendai and Aichi. I supported as much as I could!!


When the tour goods were being sold, we saw that all the fans really showed their support.

We want Japan, and the whole world to know about the wonderfulness of these PINK DIAMONDS short flags!! Those are the thoughts that we got from ℃-ute, and until the end of the tour, they put all their effort and beautifully showed excitement!!

It was the first time that we worked with ℃-ute, the teacher of the production team, everyone in the tour staff, we gave guidance for this tour. We learned lots of things, and we were very moved.

From now, please do support us!!

In the absence of PINK DIAMONDS member, TOMMY, many people helped us, so thank you!!

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