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Chisato has just opened a twitter account. It’s real, it’s been already verified by UFA staff (the only account she’s following so far). The name is a pun, it’s “Okaichan, neru” (Okaichan, sleep), which put together is Okaichanneru or Okaichannel. The first tweets were done by UFA staff.

Update: There’s a mistake. The twitter account is for the “Okaichannel” show, and it’s NOT owned by Chisato.

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100516 (℃-ute) Dance Drill Team – PINK DIAMONDS blog

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Continuing from yesterday.
We’ve been engaged to this since 2 months ago.
This is…

℃-ute Concert Tour 2010 Spring Shocking LIVE

We did the guidance for the short flags!
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