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Ex-C-ute member Umeda Erika wants to stand out more than Sawajiri!

Sanspo article

Although she’ll stand in the same stage, things will be different from her idol days. Umeda’s dream of being a model will be finally achieved.

“I’m putting a lot of effort in doing this. I feel nervous, but I want to do my best”. It’s been half a year since her graduation, and her eyes are shining.

As a C-ute member, she was one of the winners of the Best New Artist award in 2007, and also performed in NHK Kouhaku Utagassen, along with Morning Musume, Matsuura Aya (23), who are also part of a popular army of idols. As a member of Hello! Project, there was an uncontrollable passion in her heart. “In the beginning I liked singing, but during CD jacket photoshoots, I realized I liked that there were photos of me being taken. So, I wanted to become a model”

In April, she signed to the same agency of Takagaki Reiko (30), Tokuzawa Naoko (25), who belong to the Geinou Agency. They’re scheduled to appear at “Girls Award 2010”.

In the same event, there’ll be another girl that has the name “Erika”, Sawajiri. They even share the same reason behind their names, which is a flower that their mothers liked. Sawajiri is currently in the process of divorce, of her husband and hype media creator Takashiro Tsuyoshi. “She’s a pretty person for sure, but being an Erika myself too, it’be good to stand out more than Sawajiri”, said Umeda with passion.

Since from now on she’ll start her model activities, which include fashion shows amongst others, the space in the newspaper dedicated to her is big. She said, sure of herself, that her wish is “for girls to say ‘I want to copy Erika-chan’s clothes and hairstyle'”. Being 1.70 mts tall, she’ll get looks of envy of the girls who look at her body.

( The newspaper has various small articles. Some of them only mention Ume once or twice so I won’t translate them. I did translate the first one though: )

Umeda Erika (1991/05/24), born in Kanagawa. In 2002, she passed the Hello! Project Kids Audition. In 2005, she joined C-ute’s line-up. In 2007, they made their major debut with Sakura Chirari. In the same year, they won the Newcomer Award from Japan Records Awards, and performed in the NHK Kouhaku Utagassen. In October 25, 2009, she had her last concert as a C-ute and Hello! Project member, and graduated. Her hobby is cooking, she’s 1.70 mts tall, her measures are 81-58-84, and her blood type is A.

When she decided that her wish was to become a model, she received mails from C-ute as well as congratulations. She quickly received a mail from Suzuki Airi (16). “It had congratulations words on it. Even now, I still get support from them, and lots of courage”.

In this show, she’ll appear along with model and actress Katou Natsuki (24). “A year ago, when we met, she taught me about walking and posing. I’m happy that I’ll get to be on the same stage with her”, says she, anticipating meeting Katou again.


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