090205 (Nakajima Saki) BLT U-17 slizzeful girl vol.9

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There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky today~

It was a feel-good day♪ There were a lot of people going out with their dogs for a walk, and I could watch a lot of different breeds of dogs (lol)

You jump so high!

It was the first time where I jumped with so much strength. Please, do publish that photography! (lol)

Since this is a solo photoshoot, I think we’ll dig up some unknown things about Nakajima-chan’s character

Yes, please♪

Amongst the members, Nakky has the image of an honor student

Oh, but that puts some pressure on me (lol). I think I’m sort of inteligent, although I rarely talk about that.

You do look like you’re inteligent!

Since I know that people are expecting that, I get worried. I get told things like “seems like you can study”, but actually I’d hate if I disappoint those expectations (lol)

Are you analyzing your own character?

Lately, books about blood types are becoming popular, no? Since I and (Yajima) Maimi-chan have the same blood type (O), we read together a book about O blood type. That stuff was surpringsily accurate! But it wasn’t that right about some things related to Maimi-chan (lol)

For example!?

When O blood types give explanations about a road, they would say something like “for this road is like… turn in this corner, then uhm… go to this place” (lol)

But that explanation is a bit unprecise.

Yeah! Seeing a lot of “ah…” and “uh…” in the book, I thought “oh, I’m like that” (lol)

Were there other spot-on things in the book?

When I receive something, I thank A LOT for it (lol). That was correct about me, but it wasn’t about Maimi. Maimi is still a bit like that though, she’s like “Oh really~!! Thank you~!!!” when she gets something (lol)

I can understand (lol). What’s the biggest difference between your school friends and the other members?

I’m (sort of) the one who comes up with interesting topics. I usually agree with my friends from school, but when I say the same things to the other members, at best, they laugh a little.

There must be a lot of different laughs in ℃-ute, then!

(Umeda) Erika-chan and (Okai) Chisato-chan are quite funny, even if the topic/situation is not…

Since we’re talking about when the members talk about something, please share some stories!

Although I really like Chisato’s usual talking voice, I love her laughter. When she’s a bit quiet, it feels like a surreal scene (lol). Chisato can’t talk whisperingly. For example, when we’re at a live, or in an stage play, and we’re sharing secrets, Chisato interrupts it all with a loud voice, and since she turns over, we all get a bit impatient (lol)

I can imagine that too (lol). So, we’ve already talked about the members of your own group, please share some stories about Risako-chan as well*!

(*Risako was also featured in this BLT U-17 issue)

Stories about her… there was a time when Chisato, (Hagiwara) Mai and (Arihara) Kanna did some pro wrestling together, all in good fun. in Hello! Project concerts, those three would be always be like “kyaa kyaa”, and Risako was watching that, and she’d eventually joined in. That surprised me a bit (lol)

That’s funny (lol). So, Nakajima-chan, talk a bit something that made you proud recently.

Although I didn’t do “4” properly in arts, I’ve started “5”! This time I’m really doing my best, I’m specially going to sharpen rocks, I’m going to work seriously to make sharpened rocks become my signature. I wanted to share about this passion of mine.


There’s still something else! When I’m making sweets, and I’m cutting strawberries, there was one time when I didn’t use the knife, but a fork instead. I didn’t believe that the strawberries would come out so well!

That’s like a small pride (lol). So, time to talk about your job! Until now, what’s been the most important challenge about your job, and the thing that has impressed/touched you the most?

The most important challenge… lately, at ℃-ute lives, we do a tap dance number. It doesn’t matter how good or bad I am, if I don’t pick up the rhythm, I get worried *tears*. To get the rhythm in tap at the correct time, I need to hide my mistakes. So I must still do my best regarding that *sweat*

A touching memory?

When ℃-ute won the Best New Artist award from Japan Record Awards! Before we got that award, in events and such the members sometimes said jokingly “if we get an award, what could be our reaction?” (lol). And when that really happened, I was so surprised that, excluding my waist, my whole body was trembling, and I cried a lot!

That sounds amazing (lol)

Berryz Koubou debuted before us, and I guess I thought of us as the left overs, it was a bit mortifying. Since I had that sort of thoughts, I feel very grateful now.

And now, what are Nakajima-chan’s lastest targets?

I want us (℃-ute) to have a tour that includes an arena or a dome in the shows~ For me, I want to get recognized as a member who has grown/shown development, so I want to improve in that aspect!

Please give a message to our readers!

Soon, I’ll become a high schooler. In the last year, I’ve grown up twice than in this year. Please watch carefully over me.

Off shot:

Showing how she does a big jump the winter sky with a  doing a V sign.
The winter sky is high. The day of the photoshoot was such a bright day. Nakajima-chan’s big jump captured the high sky! Everyone in the staff was absolutely surprised at her big jump. Good work!!
Upcoming translation: Compact Cream vol.2

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