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℃-ute is currently on a live tour. Their recently released album “Shocking 5′ is popular. Despite the title, listening to it leaves the impression that the most of the songs are ballads and mellow numbers, it’s a production where you can feel the growth of the 5 members.

In the jacket pictures you can see the forehead of 3 members.

Nakajima: I applied some wax in my hair. When I was doing that, it seemed like I was combing it upwards.

Okai: I felt a bit embarrassed. Doing all my hair up, I wondered if my face wasn’t looking big.

Nakajima: But, since Chissa’s face is small, I thought “this is ALL of her face?”.

I have the impression that the album as a whole is mellow. For example, listening and singing to “Shigatsu Sengen” (April Declaration), does it remind you of a certain moment?

Suzuki: To me, the part that says “I was saved by that yell” reminds me a lot of middle school. I’d like to persistently say positive thoughts to people who have negative ones. Like that, I think I have also been able to give support to my friends.

Okai: At my middle school graduation, since pretty much all my friends weren’t high schoolers, I thought about saying “are you doing fine?” to them.

Yajima: I like spring the most, but lately I have a though time with my allergy to pollen (lol). Also, my class has changed, and so this year I’m more excited. But I was worried in the ceremony when I entered middle school. I didn’t know much back then, and I was shy in front of strangers, so that’s related to the part that goes “Will I be able to make friends?”

Nakajima: April is the time where we start new challenges. I’m an unsteady worker, which is related to the belief that childs born in January and February are like that. When I start something, I want it to end quickly (lol). But since April is a different month altogether, I can start over again too (lol)

Like the lyrics you’ve guys mentioned, there’s a part that says “the scent/feeling/sense/aura of youth”, is there something that makes you think of that?

Suzuki: I don’t know if it’s the cherry-blossom trees, but when it’s spring, the scent that is in the air when you feel excited… is that scent, right? The streets for going to and from school in primary school and the entrance (door) of middle school have that feeling. I felt very happy, like floating, in those places.

Nakajima: It’s the feeling of when we traveled through the whole country in a bus, for the “Meguru Koi no Kisetsu” Cutie Circuit.

Hagiwara: For me it’s the smell of umeboshi (lol). In ℃-ute there was a time where everyone really liked umeboshi, and the mentioned bus smelled like umeboshi.

Okai: Something strong, like the feeling of the Sun… maybe something sensible too? (lol)

Yajima: When I play with my friends from the neighbourhood, and when in the evening we grill fish in my house. That’s my scent of youth (lol).

“Yume ga aru kara” (Because we have dreams) seems like an encore song.

Okai: “I feel a bit lonely after the matsuri has ended” is something that I think after the concerts end. In the hook of the song, all of the ℃-ute members come to mind. I feel a bit like… let’s go towards our dreams, the five of us, and do our best!

Nakajima: In ℃-ute’s tours, there are lots of times when we end the show with energetic and really upbeat songs, and few times where we close the show with a calm song. So when the tour ends, I think “ah, it’s ended…”.

Okai: I haven’t feel something like “my tears don’t stop” yet.

Yajima: But at the end of the tours, we actually cry a lot. The mood is warm there, and I feel full of gratitude.

Nakajima: I cry when I hear everyone doing the ℃-ute call. And when I’m returning home, inside the car, I sleep deeply (lol).

Hagiwara: Just when I’m remembering a lot of things, I’m fast asleep too (lol).

Suzuki: I also sleep deeply in the bullet train. I remember about certain things, and sometimes I have dreams about the concert live (lol).

Nakajima: I’ve decided that after a tour ends, I think “I’ll be doing sit-ups” (lol). “For the next tour, I’ll have a pretty stomach, that’s for sure!”. But since I’m an unsteady worker, the sit-ups end right there (lol).

Okai: I don’t want the fan’s good feeling (towards us) to end.

Is there something you remember from when you were recording the album?

Nakajima: During the recording of “The Party!” we were all holding a mic, and we were in a circle. In the “oh yes! kono mama” (oh yes, like this) part, we exploded of laughter (lol).

Suzuki: We were all singing with a lot of emotion… the last fake (ie. like those “uh-eh-oh” that Takahashi does in Resonant Blue) was long!

Nakajima: When we were holding the mics, we couldn’t look at the lyrics sheet, and Airi got told “Airi, you’re slightly out of sync!” (lol)

The lyrics are cheerful, who is like that in ℃-ute?

Nakajima: Chissa and Mai-chan?

Yajima: Those two are quite the pair, right? (lol)

Nakajima: They seem to be joking always (lol). When Chissa does something, Mai takes the role of a tsukkomi (the one who makes fun of the partner in a comedy duo) and replies using a sharp tongue (lol)

Okai: But those are normal talks! (lol) I find Airi to be funny! Even when she’s talking alone, I listen (lol)

This time, Maimi-san’s solo is “Lonely girl’s night”, it’s a ballad.

Yajima: That’s a first, right. It’s a bit mature, and I wonder what’s the “secret love” in the lyrics? Someone unfaithful/an affair? (lol) I’ve thought about that a lot. I like happy songs, but I also like sad songs like this one.

Nakajima-san said “since it was good, I brought some of that” in “Kimi no Senpou” (Your Tactics).

Nakajima: I too, when I heard the talk for the first time I thought it was very cutesy and I wondered what to do (lol). But since Chissa and Mai-chan have cute voices, I think we did a decent “cutesy” talk (lol).

Okai: I try to practice as much as possible to make my voice sound cute. That way I can talk like a selfish and honest girl, like the one in the lyrics.

Nakajima: That girl is a very selfish one. If I was her boyfriend I wouldn’t stand her (lol). Would she eat all of the Chinese and Italian food?

Hagiwara: The lyrics are a bit like “although I’m selfish, please do stay with me”, I think that expresses the feeling of (some) young girls. In the recording, I turned pink lights on (lol)

Airi-san’s solo “Aa koi” (Alas, love) is a song that can make you cry.

Suzuki: The lyrics are sad, and the melody is slighty rockish. My target for that song is to do lots of expressions. Together (with the fans?), let’s chose them, until we all agree, I’ll keep on re-doing them.

Yajima: When Airi sings, she’s very different from her usual character.

Suzuki: I’m not normal in those moments? (lol). I’m stunned (lol).

Is there something that makes you guys change?

Suzuki: Not really, but when my school teachers come to our concerts, they tell me “you become mature there”. I want to sing in a more sexy way (lol).

In the album, are there any particular songs that give support?

Nakajima: I like the feeling of saying “nee~” in “The Party!”.

Suzuki: Me too. “Thank you! The reason today was so great is because everyone supported me”. Those words seem like something I would say to the fans, my friends and my family.

Okai: I feel the same. “Your smile is like this”, I remember someone telling me something like that in a handshake.

Hagiwara: I can really relate to the lyrics of “Yume ga aru kara” (Because we have dreams).

Yajima: I think I can show a new side of me in “Lonely girl’s night”.

For the last question, please tell us about your personal “April declarations” (Shigatsu Sengen).

Suzuki: If it’s possible, I’d like to start learning to play the guitar on my 16th birthday.

Okai: I want to learn to play the piano and to speak Korean!

Hagiwara: I want to smile more often!! So Mai-chan can be like cherry blossom blooming (lol)

Nakajima: This time, we’re more mature/grown-up! I think I’ll change the pink curtains in my room to deep blue ones (lol).

Yajima: If I had the chance to do new challenges, I’d want great results. This time, my solo song has emotive expressions, I’ll research about them, so I can grow up in that way.

Subbed videos:
The Party!
Aa Koi
Lonely girl’s night
Kimi no Senpou
Shigatsu Sengen

Upcoming translation: Nakky’s 2009 BLT U-17 interview


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