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On October 25th, 2009, on the last show of the tour at NHK Osaka Hall, Umeda Erika-chan graduated from ℃-ute As 5-member group, ℃-ute is re-starting.
℃-ute has collected all their songs, from their indie singles days until now. They’re released in a best album on November 18th!
And so, the members will talk about memories related to the singles.

℃-ute’s first best album “℃-ute nan desu! Zen single atsumechaimashita!” has been released! It contains every one of their singles, including their indie singles, to make it a complete collection!

Hagiwara Mai: I think this album shows ℃-ute’s development through the years.

Okai Chisato: But I don’t think that’s very easy to understand.

In your opinion which voice changed the most?

Okai: I think Airi’s.

Hagiwara: I think so too.

Suzuki: I agree.

Okai: Although Airi’s singing has changed, I think it’s also because she’s growing.

Suzuki: Since I realized my voice was thin, I knew I had to make it deeper. I was always conscious about that.

And we’ll be able to appreciate those things in the album, right? On the contrary, which voice didn’t change much?

Okai: Mine hasn’t changed much.

Suzuki: Eh~ Chisato’s voice changed, alright.

Okai: Really!?

Suzuki: Really.

Yajima Maimi: Yup. But for sure everyone’s skills have improved.

Hagiwara: Chisato, there was a time when you were sensitive, right?

Okai: What~! (lol)

Hagiwara: No, I’m just talking about Okai Chisato’s adult-like vibrato.

Yajima: When it comes to fitting a song, cute songs require to sing in a cute way.

Okai: Really!? That makes me happy yay.

Nakajima Saki: A voice that hasn’t changed is Yajima Maimi’s, right?

Yajima Maimi: My voice hasn’t changed, and there’s something about Massara Blue Jeans…

Okai: I know that! During our first years as a group, during concerts, when we sang Massara Blue Jeans, we always got a lot of cheers. Once… in that part were we slouch down, I tought “ganbatte! Maimi-chan!” (lol).

Hagiwara: I thought the exact same thing (“ganbatte! Maimi-chan!”) (lol)

Okai: But recently, bad stuff like that hasn’t happened.

Yajima: But that seemed like something so important before (lol) During that (= in that part, there’s a key change, the sound goes silent), I was so nervous/worried about the parts where I had to sing…

So, the first song in the album is Massara Blue Jeans. Are there any memories you want to share about the songs themselves?

Yajima: Yes. Like I said, there’s a key change in Massara Blue Jeans. After that, we sing in high-pitched voices. When we recorded the song, I wasn’t that good in singing in a high-pitched voice, but even now, there are times where I’m still not good. Like during performances.

Soku Dakishimete

Hagiwara: This is ℃-ute’s first mature song. I was happy to sing a song like this one. I have lots of memories of the times when we practiced.

Nakajima: In the promotion video we all have a solo dance part. I wasn’t familiar with the filming of a PV, so I was very worried and thinking stuff like “what will I do if I do something wrong?”. Also, in the basketball scenes, there was something that surprised me…

Suzuki: When we were doing the dunk shoot, right? I think it’s an interesting PV, so if you have the change, please watch it.

Ooki na ai de motenashite

Okai: It’s a really cute song. and the voice is the key point.

Yajima: On the contrary, for me it’s not cute, it’s more like difficult. You need techniques like falsetto and breathing. So even when I have free time, and I’m listening to it with my earphones, I practice. I have many memories of that song.


Suzuki: Although this is our 4th indie single, it was actually ℃-ute’s first song, and my first song as a member of ℃-ute. It was the first song we got a dance lesson for, and the song that we performed when ℃-ute was announced as a new group in a Hello! Project concert. It was also the first time we got our own outfits. I was happy and nervous around that time. I have a lot of “first-time” memories of that song.

What about the time where you all were a supporting act in Abe Natsumi’s concert? Did you make mistakes in the MC?

Yajima: We’re sorry about that… (lol) It was our first time, so we didn’t notice. People there were all “ehh!!”. And I was “eh, what? did I read/said that name wrongly…”. Then my face turned pale, and I started to leave the place, but Abe-san gently told me “it’s alright”. I was in such a hurry (lol)

Sakura Chirari

Nakajima: Since it was our major debut song, we were so happy. I thought things like “we’re going to see our CDs in CD shops!”.

Yajima Maimi: The first time we sang that song in a concert, I said with a big voice “everyone, let’s do our best okay!”. So many memories.

Meguru Koi no Kisetsu

Yajima: At the time of this release, our Cutie Circuit had already started. “Meguru Koi no Kisetsu” was written in a big bus that we used for traveling through the whole country. At that time, I got to know more about ℃-ute! We didn’t have to say just our names, we had to write them on a paper as well. But, Mai-chan couldn’t still hold a paper while using a microphone…

Hagiwara: I was little! (lol)

Yajima: That’s right. When you can’t do that, it means you’re little. We were pleased with the PV, on which there are panels for a changing scenery. We also teletransported.

Hagiwara: Yeah, it was very fun. Since we did lots of takes, Chisato, Nacchan and I ate lots of shaved ice cream. Lots of them!

Nakajima, Okai: A lot of shaved ice cream.

Tokaikko Junjou

Hagiwara: With this song we won the Japan Best New Artist award, so I have lots of memories of it. I had a cold on the day of the award, so I gave trouble to everyone. On the live broadcast, I couldn’t really stand properly, and I was in a bit of pain. So I sad on the side. Then Maimi-chan told me “Mai, hang in there. I really love Mai”!

Such a thing did really happen?

Hagiwara: Yeah, she really did say she loved me (lol). After that confession, I did my best (lol)

Yajima: And in the moment we got the award, she was the most energetic one (lol)

Hagiwara: At that time, my cold really toned down! (lol)

That was a mature response

Okai: We were all crying and couldn’t really talk, and only Mai said “yey!” (lol)

Hagiwara: And after that, my cold came back (lol)

LALALA Shiawase no Uta

Okai: The dance steps for this song are unexpectedly difficult, in the PV shooting we all did mistakes in the dance… no one didn’t really have any reason to do that, oh, except Yajima and me (lol). I have so much memories of this song, which we first performed with all of Hello! Project, and then became ℃-ute’s single.

Namida no Iro

Suzuki: During that time I thought the lyrics were adult-like, and I didn’t really understand them. But once I started to sing, I got into the mood of the song. Now it’s one of my favourite songs.

Edo no Temari Uta II

Nakajima: When we first saw the lyrics for this song, I didn’t understand them. ♪ Hiiya, fuuya~ I thought it was baby talk. But after I researched about the meaning, I thought “ah, it’s like this!”. The lyrics say quite a lot about Edo. On the lyrics, there were things I already knew. I talked about that with a bit of pride (lol)


Yajima: We shoot this PV when the weather was still hot. And we all had long sleeves for the non-suits outfits. So when were shooting the dance parts, we couldn’t stop sweating. So everytime the director said “cut!”, we’d go to wipe our sweat, but the burning sensation wouldn’t stop. That’s something I remember very well.

Bye Bye Bye!

Hagiwara: Usually, ℃-ute dances a lot, yet our sweating is unnoticed. With Bye Bye Bye!, we sweated, not that it was noticed, but things were a bit different. I didn’t put enough power in the dance, it was a cool and confusing dance for me. Still, I personally really like the dance for it.

Suzuki: Me too.

Okai: Me too.

Listening to this album, most of the songs are dance-y ones, right?

Suzuki: There’s no song that isn’t a dance-y one. We sweated in the PVs from Sakura Chirari to Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu.

I see, so let’s talk about Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu

Okai: We wrote postcards for this PV, broke a watermelon, and there were some really cute scenes as well. Oh, and in the beach scene, for some reason I wanted to be the one who arrived first, and the truth is that I was the fastest in running.

EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!!

Suzuki: We were paired for this song, and held arms, as ℃-ute, those were heartfelt moments. We were always together. This was the last song with (Umeda) Erika-chan before she graduated… and I think it was a nice last song for her.

Hagiwara: Although it feels sad, it’s not a love song. It’s a song about walking towards the future, I liked that.

How did you feel in Erika-chan’s graduation concert? (on October 25 at NHK Osaka Hall)

Nakajima: We cried so much. During SHINES, fans waved towels, which were brought by every fan. During the encore performance, there was a sea of yellow penlights…

So this best album shows 5nin ℃-ute since the start. For the last part, a message from the leader!

Yajima: ℃-ute has become a 5-person group, but ℃-ute, as a new star, will perform with all our strength and power, more than in the past. From now on, please support us as well!

Bonus (from the same magazine):

(Original image)

I couldn’t understand all of her handwriting x_x But basically… she’s saying that even though Kindai is finished now, she’s still supporting memew (Kindai and memew -when Kindai existed- are published by the same company)
The kappa drawing on the left is what she drew first, then changed it to the drawing on the right.

Upcoming translation: Kanna’s BLT U-17 interview from August 2008.


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