090805 (Okai Chisato) BLT U-17 Slizzeful Girl vol.11

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There are two kind of personalities in ā„ƒ-ute…

How was this photo shoot, without the rest of C-ute?
Since there weren’t any members of C-ute with me, it took some time for my energetic self to come out. Kinda felt like being alone for the first time (lol).

When you are with the others, you have this image of always being the energetic one (lol)
I think there are two types of personality in C-ute. Me and (Hagiwara) Mai-chan and (Umeda) Erika-chan are the troublesome type, and Nakky (Nakajima Saki) and (Suzuki) Airi and (Yajima) Maimi-chan are the “we looked at that and laughed” type (lol)

So, putting it like that, it’s easy to get the picture (lol). Amongst all the girls, Chisato-chan had the image of a boyish person~
When my hair began to grow, I did feel girlier though. So with this change, I think my personality changed a bit too, and if I cut my hair I will go back to my old personality (lol).

So you’re aware that you once had a boyish image.
I was compared with the boys near me. I wasn’t really that interested about what girls are usually interested in, like going shopping, I liked going to the amusement park more, so I guess I was more of the boyish type.

For Chisato-chan, even in school she’d let her energetic character come out, right?
When I entered the 3rd grade of middle school, the mood of the class was usually quiet. Since in 2nd year, everyone was noisy as hell (lol), maybe we lacked that in 3rd grade.

But when Chisato-chan is just by herself in class, she kinda becomes quieter (lol)
That’s because we’ve changed seats two times, so I can be the one who changes her seat first.

So the teacher in the front row gets to hear to Chisato talking? (lol)
Yeah, I think I’m very noisy (lol). I dislike being quiet. It creates an atmosphere of loneliness and weakness. If I was at a place with such atmopshere, I’d yell “raise that tension up!” (lol).

So even the classroom should have the mood of an stage (lol).
That’s why when I’m with the members things feel very comfortable~

When there was news coverage of the airhead queen Yajima Maimi-chan in an event, she said she doesn’t want to be called airhead by Chisato-chan (who is an airhead too).
Lies! Ah Maimi is such an airhead. Hmm, although I have my moments of being clumsy, if I’m compared to Maimi-chan, she wins (lol).

So it seems Maimi-chan is a proud airhead legend. Tell me something about Maimi-chan in this kind of situation.
Lately her jeans are getting ripped off, and in the moment she’s looking for the damage, the condition of the jeans becomes even worse (lol). But I don’t know, since she always takes care of us… for example, if something sudden happens, she’ll get really surprised.

What you just said is a bit difficult to imagine (lol). Are there things about other members that you’d like to talk about?
Airi has some strange movements, doesn’t she.

Are you talking about her kappa dance?
Yep. But we don’t really understand what is about or what it means, and sometimes (before) we had to make drawings to understand (lol). Lately though, it seems like she”s cured herself from making the strangest movements, and when I look at her, I think “that’s cute~” on the inside.

Finally that dance is legit now (lol). So, regarding the news of you participating in the stage play “Ataru mo Hakke!?”, how is to act?
I love acting! When I was singing, I had to try different facial expressions, for several days I was someone completely different from the usual me~ It’s only the 3rd time I act in a Gekiharo-related stage play, and my roles are always energetic ones, but there are lot of girls who get to play a role that is different from themselves.

The previous stage play you acted in was “Keitai Shousetsuka” (Mobile phone novelist), were there any strange characters you liked from there?
Although Airi didn’t get to dance, she was a kid that moved strangely. During practices, she added more movements to the ones we should learn… which makes everyone laugh (lol) I also want myself to have enough courage so I can forget my embarrassement.

The people who didn’t get to go to a performance of “Ataru mo Hakke!?” will be able to see Chisato-chan’s funny moves on the DVD.
Yeah, if we could get roles again, I’d like to get the one of a dark kid. One that doesn’t speak much (lol)

That would be like the opposite of you, wouldn’t it. So, on the topic of songs~ out of all C-ute songs, which ones Chisato-chan likes?
I like the ones that are up-tempo and cool, but lately I’ve liking the ones that are medium tempo and ballads. Those ones are for people to get to seat for a while in our concerts. For example, Shiritsu Kyougaku and Yakusoku wa Toku ni Shinai wa are amongst my favourites.

Finally, tell the readers some of your challenges.
I want to put more expression in my singing. I want to get music lessons from the mothers of my friends. I would want to participate in an Australian stage play. When I enter high school, I do want to try and get music lessons!

Thanks to Greyface @ Hello-Online for helping me with one part.


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