090520 (Guardians 4)

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Please tell us some stories about what you thought when you heard about the formation of Guardians 4

Kumai: Since until now I haven’t been featured in a group besides Berryz Koubou, I’m very happy about this. Moreover, we get to wear guardian outfits from Shugo Chara Doki! The red check is cute, but my favourite is the big red ribbon!
Sugaya: This is also the first group I participate in, besides Berryz Koubou. I was nervous at first, but since everyone is pretty close age-wise, we have lots of fun.
Mitsui: I have previously worked in the group “Athena & Robikerottsu” outside of Morning Musume. Since everyone is close age-wise, from the beginning we’ve been talking a lot and having fun. I’m happy I got to sing for Shugo Chara Doki’s opening theme.
Nakajima: Like everyone said, all four of us talk a lot during the backstage of Hello! Project events. When we’re together, the talks can be never ending!

Guardians 4’s debut work is Omakase♪Guardian, which is the current opening song of Shugo Chara Doki

Mitsui: The songs in the anime are important, and when I watched it I really felt “doki” (“I really liked it”). All the characters are cute and in order to not to lose to the cuteness you see in the anime, Guardians 4 will sing cute songs too.
Kumai: This song is very cheerful and energetic isn’t it. Its lyrics are, too, for example ♪Lucky Happy Makasete ne♪, ♪Isshou ni waraou yo!♪ (“Lucky Happy Don’t worry”, “Let’s laugh together”), and other lyrics like those were written to make the song a cheerful one, singing and listening to it can make you feel energetic. My favourite lyrics are ♪Iroiro nayami wa aru keredo minna ga iru kara kowakunai♪ (“Even if I have many troubles, because everyone is here, I’m not afraid”). If you have troubles, remember these lyrics, “Minna ga iru kara daijobu!!” (“It’s alright, everyone is here!!”) made me feel nice.
Sugaya: It’s really a cute energetic song. My favourite part is ♪Issho ni V sign!♪ (“Let’s do the v-sign/peace sign”). Actually I put a lot of energy when I did that v-sign. When I made the v-sign while singing, I became more and more cheerful (lol)
Mitsui: As for me, the lyrics ♪Otome na chara♪ya♪charachen shichau kedo♪ (Female character~ it’s a changing character”) are words with feeling, and when I sing them, I feel good. Though personally, the ♪Yaru to kya yaru tte omou kara ganbatte nante iwanai yo♪ (Whatever you do, it’s needless to say, please work hard for it) part is my favourite one. Also, the ♪Jibun no uso tsuku kurai nara dou omowarete mo ii jan ne♪ (If I tell lies, anything can be thought of me) part. When I sing that part, I think I really want to be an obedient girl.
Nakajima: For me it’s the ♪Lucky Happy Makasete ne♪ lyrics, even small children can understand that, and when I was singing myself, I realized a lot of the words used were part of the basic vocabulary that I like. ♪Go! Go!♪, ♪Yeah!♪ and other words like those are energetic shouts, I want everyone to sing that at karaoke!

Original text in Japanese:


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