(Mano Erina) Twitter 110318-110527

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110319 (Hello! Project) Weekly Playboy

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Everyone, do you want to know about the current Hello! Project?
The army of idols managed by producer Tsunku currently amounts to 26 people.
Their watchword is! Know the girls who’re going through a new time/new days.

MOrning Musume
BErryz Koubou
KI(kyuu)to (C-ute)
MAno Erina
SUmaireeji (S/mileage)

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(Mano Erina) Twitter – 110211-110317

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110116 (Suzuki Kanon) Chuunichi Sports

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Suzuki Kanon, 12 years old, new musume.
Big announcement in her hometown Nagoya

(Translated in January)

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I’ve decided to slightly change the subject of this blog. The focus will still be C-ute and rather long translations, but I’ll also post all the other H!P translations I’ve done. I try to save them all, but there are some that I haven’t saved in my files and just posted in H!O, so I’m currently looking for these… @_@

The pace of posting will still be the same. Because I translate long stuff, I don’t update often. Don’t ever expect this blog to become a news blog.

100512 (Mano Erina) FM Fuji radio one-day special

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Today is “FM-Fuji Mano Erina One Day Special”

Mano Erina released her 7th single “Onegai Dakara…” on May 12.
While she’s artist, and is participating on a play, and releasing photobook as well, and becomes a radio personality everyday Sunday on 16:30 on the radio show “Mano-Deli”.
Today, she worked since “Super Today Fuji” until “Nevermind!!”. It was 3 different places, and 5 radio shows in total.

So FM-Fuji appointed the “Mano Erina 1 Day Special”

In this blog we’ll show how Mano spends her day.
Look forward to it!

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100321 (Mano Erina) Mano Spy interview

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(Mano Erina) Twitter

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All of Mano’s tweets since her Twitter opened, until very recently~ I’ll translate the most recent ones soon.

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100821 Shibuya ranking – female idols

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101017 (℃-ute) Oota Yoshinari blog

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And the angels that wear outfits of devils, ℃-ute.
This time, they’re only five girls, but they put on lots of scenes for the play.
They made mistakes while talking and other things like that, but all the members help each other, without anything being destroyed. Moments like those overflow.
I always have admiration for them.

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